About me

Hello :)

My artist name is Chibs

I'm a game designer and comic artist.
I love drawing Manga, but also Cartoons,
Comic Strips, Designs and Illustrations.



Here some reference to my recent work:




Game Characters

Stadtmuseum Aarau "PLAY" (September 21st 2018 - July 7th2019)


"Kochen mit Comics"

Technopark Winterthur (April 5th till July 5th 2018)

B&B Huus zur Vielfalt , Winterthur (July 14th 2017-March 21st 2018)


"Bier. Alles über den Durst"

Pfaffenhofen city hall (special Exibition mid January 2017-March 2017)

Munich Beer Museum (Special Exhibition February 2016- about one year)

Special feature of my contribution:

Comicmuseum (Special Exhibition October 2016-February 2017)



Anniversary issue:

Valentin Karlstadt Musäum Munich in Autumn 2016

Comicaze Magazine:

Black & white Erlangen (starting with the Comic Salon Erlangen May 31 until June 30th 2018)

Munich MTV München "La Forchetta" (June 2015)





Economy Comic for the economy magazine Klartext "Pump"



Kochen mit Comics V.A. Volume 1 & 2



Anniversary issue V.A. published by Comicaze



Bier. Alles über den Durst V.A. (Book published by Volk Verlag)



different Comicaze Magazines



different Stickers for LINE App



Line & Pixiv Webtoon (english and japanese)


Character Design for the Logo of a theme m/raid cafe which was named afterwards after me Chibs‘ Raid-Café


WRP (Journal)
Comicaze (Comic Magazine)


Other activities
Character Design for a theme café
Comic readings from my published comic
(Comicmuseum (Special Exhibition October 2016-February 2017) )


Frankenpost (Newspaper)
ZüriPlus (Television)
20Minuten (Newspaper)
ComboBreaker (online Game Newspaper)


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The following two links are only in japanese