About me

Hello :)

My artist name is Chibs

I'm a game designer and comic artist.
I love drawing Manga, but also Cartoons,
Comic Strips, Designs and Illustrations.



Here some reference to my recent work:




"Kochen mit Comics"

Technopark Winterthur (April 5th till July 5th 2018)

B&B Huus zur Vielfalt , Winterthur (July 14th 2017-March 21st 2018)


"Bier. Alles über den Durst"

Pfaffenhofen city hall (special Exibition mid January 2017-March 2017)

Munich Beer Museum (Special Exhibition February 2016- about one year)

Special feature of my contribution:

Comicmuseum (Special Exhibition October 2016-February 2017)



Anniversary issue:

Valentin Karlstadt Musäum Munich in Autumn 2016

Comicaze Magazine:

Black & white Erlangen (starting with the Comic Salon Erlangen May 31 until June 30th 2018)

Munich MTV München "La Forchetta" (June 2015)





Kochen mit Comics V.A. Volume 1 & 2



Anniversary issue V.A. published by Comicaze



Bier. Alles über den Durst V.A. (Book published by Volk Verlag)



different Comicaze Magazines



different Stickers for LINE App



Line & Pixiv Webtoon (english and japanese)


Character Design for the Logo of a theme m/raid cafe which was named afterwards after me Chibs‘ Raid-Café


WRP (Journal)
Comicaze (Comic Magazine)


Other activities
Character Design for a theme café
Comic readings from my published comic
(Comicmuseum (Special Exhibition October 2016-February 2017) )


Frankenpost (Newspaper)
ZüriPlus (Television)
20Minuten (Newspaper)
ComboBreaker (online Game Newspaper)


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The following two links are only in japanese